Monday, July 11, 2011

87th Wright Family Reunion

87th Wright Family Reunion minutes
Big Cedar Lake- July 10, 2011

The Sunday dawned warm, sunny and humid, with rainy periods all day. Members started arriving at 10 am to enjoy Racine kringle and coffee. We took family pictures before dinner.

Rex Dachenbach offered prayer and at noon we feasted on our potluck meal.

Promptly at 1:00 pm, John Stofflet began the family meeting. He welcomed everyone and thanked the Laycocks for reserving Cedar Community Beach House, arranging for the golf cart to aid in transportation from the parking area, and asking a local skipper to take us for a pontoon boat tour of the lake. Great fun! We said “Goodbye, and see you next year” by 3:00 pm.

24 persons at the reunion
Youngest: Kaia Stofflet
Wisest: Alberta Kickbush at 93
Longest trip: Douglas Rory Kickbush, who came from Portugal to visit his mom and attend the reunion.

Letters and e-mails received:
Dorothy Tempel, from New Zealand
Katie and Harlan Sutton
Jim and Jeanette Wright
Gloria Austin Karow
John Wright

Sharing from attending members:
Frank A. Laycock
Frank E. Laycock (brought greetings from the Bubenzers)
Jo Gross
Alberta Wright Kickbush
Judy Stubbe
Phil Atwood
Judy Bishop
Rex Dachenbach
Nancy West Martin
Bonnie Stofflet
Rita Stofflet
Douglas Kickbush
John Stofflet

Members attending:

Frank E. Laycock
KC Laycock
Frank A. Laycock
Judy Stubbe
Phil Atwood
Nancy Wright
Woody Wright
John Stofflet
Kaia Stofflet
Cole Wohler
Judy Bishop
Jo A. Gross
Thomas Gross
Rex N. Dachenbach
JoAnn Dachenbach
Lisa Dachenbach
Nancy Martin
Shan Martin
Alberta Kickbush
Douglas Kickbush
Tabatha Feerick
Bonnie Anderson
Steve Anderson
Rita Stofflet

Further Business:
With John leading the conversation we discussed the future reunions. Most attending have positive feelings about the reunion, but attendance has fallen over the years. We have tried to maintain a valid mailing list, but it has been difficult to keep new addresses, moves, dispersing family all straight. More of the family can use electronic mail and an up-to-date website is very useful. The leadership of the reunion has been carried by a small group. With declining involvement this is frustrating. We elected leadership for one more year, decided location and agreed to do some research and make a decision at the 88th Reunion.

Leadership for 2012:
President Rex Dachenbach
Secretary Mary Laycock Bubenzer
Treasurer KC Laycock

Location of the 88th Wright Reunion:
Cedar Community Beach House
July 8, 2012

Respectfully submitted,
KC Laycock, for Mary Bubenzer