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Minutes from 85th Wright Family Reunion

85th Wright Family Reunion
Columbus, WI Fireman's Park
Sunday July 12, 2009

Jim and Jeanette Wright, Frank and KC Laycock, Frank A. Laycock, Mary, Nathan and Sam Bubenzer, Judy Stubbe, Philip Atwood with Rocky and Dorothy Otto, Judy Bishop, Nancy and Woody Wright, Margie Nitschke, Matthew Kickbush, Colleen Curtis, Rex and JoAnn Dachenbach, Amy and Lisa, Russ Kickbush, Wesley and Gloria (Austin) Karow, Austin Wright, Dylan Wright, Mike Wright, John, Beth, Kaia Stofflet, Rita Stofflet, Bonnie Anderson, Mike, DJ and Cydney Kickbush, Alberta Kickbush, Tabatha Feerick
· Plentiful food, really good.
· Youngest Attendee: Cydney Kickbush 1 year old
· "Wisest" Attendee: Alberta Kickbush 91 yrs old
· Letters and emails on file
· the postcard reminder/invitation was sufficient
· 120 postcards and 60 emails were sent
Family news shared:
Russ Kickbush: Matthew graduating next year i8n special education for the visually impaired, made dean's list, 4 point average, scholarships coming in, 3 job offers already. Michael here with wife and baby Cydney, he's an architect with master's degree, started new business on the island (Washington Island In DC), managing and leasing out people's homes. Mother (Alberta) here brought book she had published, a children's book about a duck based on a true story, illustrated by her.
Bonnie Stofflet Anderson: Daughter of John and Rita, granddaughter of Alva(?) Oldest daughter still in Downer's Grove IL, Granddaughter just finished first year at U of I. Middle daughter Jackie getting married in October; she's a teacher in Chicago. Youngest son Ryan is 21 trying to "find himself" living at home (lost job due to downsizing). She is still working in a high school with all of the "naughty children" in principal's office, but "I can take it, I'm a Wright". Husband is still landscaping
John Stofflet: My daughter Kaia will be a junior in high school, she loves Drama. Son Taylor is working at Lake Windsor Golf Course, sophomore at Edgewood college where he plays soccer, had a good first season, got his first goal as a college player. John still at NBC 15 in Madison doing the 6 and 10 o'clock news ( Wife is teaching in the DeForest schools. Last August got my first and only hole in one golfing.
Jim Wright: here with wife Jeanette. Nephew has 3 daughters, Amy, Angie and Amanda. Sister Ruth just getting out of hospital. Going down to Florida each year, meet Marge's brother, Harlan Sutton.
Rita Stofflet: Best kids in the world, watches John in all of his broadcasts. She wants to make sure he's dressed properly! Thank you to all the people who do all the work.
Marge Nitschke: Living in a home in Beaver Dam, Charleston House, has a lot of friends there has 14 great grandchildren and 2 great great grandchildren. She said this is the last year she's sending birthday cards out: she can't keep up!
Judy Bishop: Sister Sue and her husband Ken are well, their boys Nathan and Matthew, everyone healthy. Brother Reed and wife Sue and daughter Rachel are well. Daughter Tara closer to Madison; lives in Marshall, daughter Kim doing well, living in Madison, all well.
Rex Dachenbach: Addicted to Family reunions when he was a preteen started out in Waterloo and kept coming back with occasional intermissions for marching band, it's hard to stop, he'll keep on coming, even when they have to roll him up in a casket!! Youngest daughter Lisa, 19, finished marching band last year, graduated high school, finished first year in vocational school, MATC in Madison area. In early childhood education, found a job easily. Amy just graduated from college, planning to work a year, but seeing the state of the economy is going on to grad school. Joanne head secretary at an elementary school. Joe 29 living in Seattle area, has granddaughter Zoe who just turned 2. Rex doing well, had some heart work done and hips replaced. Things going good and will come back on a regular basis.
Alberta Kickbush: Wrote books about pintail ducks right outside of her window in West Virginia. Duck got feet frozen into the ice. Kitty and Jim rescued duck. Story illustrated and written by Bert, and published.
Tabatha Feerick: West Virginia contingent in Tabby's Mom and Dad, Kitty and Jim. Kitty started business "Camp Kitty" dog agility classes. Gramma (Alberta) moved into West Bend Cedar Bay Community. Tabby moved on from her husband and have started her own business, Canine Connection dog grooming. Stepdaughter Adeline is "apple of her eye"
Mike Wright: Son of Woody and Nancy, great to be back at reunion. Just got back from cottage in Elk Rapids Michigan with parents, niece and nephew. Brought his 3 kids, spend lots of time doing sports. Austin spent 6 years working way up in Jr. Hockey ranks, last year 2nd state championship. Daughter basketball team got 2nd in state. Other son playing boy's basketball. Daughter starting high school (Franklin), boys moving into middle school. Happy to be here and share I don't know how many generations broccoli cheese rice casserole.
Gloria Austin Karow: Her grandmother was youngest of the 12 (Abby). Family doing well. Oldest is Stephen, still horsing around, he's a farrier. They have horses dogs cats donkeys buffalo... lives at Northfield. Works at a prison in Fox Lake and is a teacher of heating and air conditioning which he learned in the service. 2nd one is in Oregon State at Oregon State University. He's our miracle kid all around: 9 weeks early and 4 lb one oz. Now he's a professor with 150 people under him. Their son, Scott, lives in Boston and works for Liberty Mutual and bought a condo on the 7th floor. Daughter just moved into her own home, kindergarten teacher. Youngest boy, wife is a home health giver. Dale just got laid off. Son is 17. Wife teaches art in Janesville, and they have a prairie, and are experts in it. Wes and she are fine.
Phil Atwood: Grandson of Albert Wright, here with fried Roxanne and her mother Dorothy. Boys in New York, son Ben is working at an organic farm learning the agriculture trade, and son David is working in communications at state of New York University in New Paultz, Daughter Corinne is working as a nurse in Albany Hospital and 3 grandchildren, Zoe, Ella, and Jackson are doing well and going to school.
Judy Stubbe: Granddaughter of Albert Wright. Live at Cedar Ridge, love it. Been living in the area 3 years close to both sisters and brother and find it to be delightful. Was supposed to go to Grand Canyon, but 2 months ago fell and broke hip, healed right up. 'I'm a happy camper and life is good."
Frank A Laycock: Wife Michelle can't be there, has "a slave driver for a boss; She has quit the newspaper and is working for herself." Designs blogs and other websites for people. I'm still with the computer place, still at Allen Bradley, at the big clock tower in Milwaukee. Fostering cats still, had 40 come through our house since last year. Still president and first bass in Shorewood Concert Band, and am published: "Sequels to Famous Books"
Mary Bubenzer: Here with husband Nathan and son Sam. Nathan graduated this year from Edgewood College in nursing and got a wonderful job working at Meriter Hospital in Madison in ICU and Sam graduated from 8th grade and will be starting High School
KC/Frank Laycock: KC: Frank and I are very happily living in Cedar Community but still spend lots of time driving into Milwaukee to usher. Just had 2 weeks having grandson Sam stay with them to be a counselor. Frank: also took Woody's advice and took Amtrak to an Elderhostel, suggests taking full bedroom next time! Also went to Elderhostels in Indiana, Michigan and next month in Quebec.
Woody Wright: Nancy and I took Amtrak to see brother John in DC, Jan. went to Barbados for a week, March to LA, stopping in Flagstaff, and to see the Grand Canyon. Doing fine, already have plans to go to Alaska in September for cruise, and heading to Seattle in September, and March to go to Europe to go from Belgium to Italy to Germany. Mark and Kim live in Flushing, Michigan, they have 17 year old who is driving, she'll be a senior in high school, Mitch will be a freshman in high school, involved in sports. Woody glad he's retired.
Nominations & Election of Clan Officers:
Only nominations and elected by unanimous consent:
John Stoffler - President
Mary Bubenzer - Secretary/Treasurer
Next Year's Reunion:
Sunday July 11th, 2010
A suggestion was made to hold it at the Cedar Community Beach House in West Bend WI
Beach House in case of inclement weather, full kitchen, chairs and tables.
Activities available: Swimming, hiking, volleyball courts, Pontoon Boat Rides on Big Cedar Lake, "Bug" rides through the forest
Unanimous consent, KC Laycock will reserve the building.

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The Wright family has roots in Old Rayne, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. The children of James and Elizabeth (Hay) Wright were christened in St. Nicholas Church near Old Rayne and the family births marriages, and deaths are recorded in the Old Parish registers. Wright family graves still exist in the Kirkyard.

One of James and Elizabeth's children was Leslie Wright.
Here is a small excerpt of how Leslie got his name:
[Copied from the back of a postcard showing Leslie Castle c.1900 - brought to the Wright Family Reunion 2001 by Harry Wright]
William Leslie, who owned this estate, was a friend of Leslie Wright (dad's father) & it was from him the name "Leslie" originally came. Leslie Wright was a tenant in the estate at one time. Dad and Mother brought home a piece of slate from the roof. It was here Dad met an old lady who remembered carrying him in her arms. She said she wouldn't have recognized him.

Leslie Wright married the lovely Mary Ann Lowe.
They came to the United States and first settled in Ohio. In later years, they moved their clan to Columbia County, Wisconsin.
This paragraph, copied from the typewritten Leslie Wright obit, gives us more information about Leslie's life:
"Being an early settler, he was well known and highly respected for his sterling Scotch qualities and business integrity. He was a consistent member of the Presbyterian church in Scotland and Ohio, but when he came to Wisconsin, he united with the Methodist Episcopal church of which he was an active member until promoted to the church triumphant. A greal [sic] lover of God's word, much of which he had committed to memory, a good singer and a lover of good music, and a splendid conversationalist, his company was eagerly sought by all who knew him and his presence was always an inspiration and benediction and no words seem so fitting to the close of such a full rounded life as the words of St. Paul: 'I have fought a good fight; I have finished my course; I have kept the faith; henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness.'"

Family Register

James Wright, (1771-1839) married to Elizabeth Hay (1772-1855).

They had the following children:
Helen (1809-1838)
Elizabeth (? - ?), married to John Thom
George (July 20 1814 in Rayne, Aberdeenshire, Scotland - ?)
Robert (August 29 1812 in Rayne, Aberdeenshire, Scotland - 1840)
John (June 30 1800 in Chapel of Garioch, Aderdeenshire, Scotland - ?)
James (?-?)
William (December 22 1802 in Chapel of Garioch, Aderdeenshire, Scotland - ?)
Leslie (January 5 1818 in Rayne, Aberdeenshire, Scotland - January 4 1905 in the Town of Elba, near Columbus Wisconsin, USA)

William Wright first married Ann Gray.
They had five children:
Jean (?-?)
Ann (?-?)
Jessie (?-?)
James (?-?)
Isabella (1853-1942)
William then married Ann Beattie (1811-March 24 1874)
They had two children:
William (1835-1878)
Peter (?-?)

Leslie Wright married Mary Ann Lowe (February 4 1825 in St. Nicolas, Rayne, Aberdeenshire Scotland - 1904) on December 28, 1848.
They had 12 children:
Mary A. (1849-1933)
Jeannie (1850-1866)
Eliza (1852-1917)
George L. (1854-1950)
William (1855-1922)
Jessie (1857-1929)
May I. (1858-1942)
Charles B. (1860-1937)
Alexander H. (1862-1935)
Leslie Allyn (1863-1930)
Albert L. (1865-1935)
Abbie (1868-1927)

(Due to the fact that there is still a living child of one of the 12 I am not going to post any further generations at this time. We do have lots more info on spouses, children etc. so if you think you are a relative please contact us at wrightreunion[at]