Monday, July 9, 2012

Minutes of the 88th Wright Reunion

Minutes of the 88th Wright Reunion, July 8th, 2012

The day started bright and sunny, with a break in the extreme heat.  We had kringle and coffee at 10:00 as people began to arrive.

Here is the attendance:

Bus and Joan Moertl

Mary, Nathan and Sam Bubenzer

Rex, JoAnne and Lisa Dachenbach

Lowell and Joanne Wright

Harry and Dianne Wright

Juddy Stubbe

Judy Bishop

Frank A. Laycock

Frank E. and Kathrine Laycock

Tabatha Feerick

Phil Atwood

Not many people, but happy and delighted to be together.  They youngest member attending was Sam Bubenzer at 17 years old, and our wisest Member was Frank Laycock at 79.

Nathan Bubenzer posted the descendant charts on the walls, also a large map of the US with stickers where we are all spread out: there are Wrights from sea to shining sea!

Rex gave thanks and we feasted on our wonderful potluck luncheon.

After lunch we had a brief family meeting.  The topic of the meeting was the future of the Wright Family Reunion.

We discussed options, such as getting together for lunch at a restaurant, continuing the potluck, meeting every other year, creating an online presence, moving away from print mail and timing of the reunion.

Here is what we determined after discussion:

1.       We will continue to meet for our reunions the second Sunday in July.

2.       We will continue to have a potluck with members contributing food.

3.       Next year we will meet again at beautiful Cedar Community, with the thought that we may go back to Columbus or elsewhere in the future.

4.       We will no longer send post cards or other paper mail.

5.       We will continue the emails and blog, plus create a facebook page for folks to stay connected. We ask that those who receive our emails, read the blog, and/or participate on the facebook page when it is up and running help out people with no email to get the information.

6.       The minutes will be sent as an email and also put on the blog.

7.       We will continue to keep meeting until there’s no one left to gather.

Our family is so precious and filled with love for each other and the history of Mary, Leslie and the twelve, that the idea of ending it was tabled.

KC Gave the treasurers report.  Since we still have money in the kitty there was no collection this year.

Rex Dachenbach was re-elected as President and Mary Bubenzer will continue as secretary, with KC Laycock handling the funds as treasurer.

With all of this decided in the meeting we all went down to the dock and had a lovely party barge boat ride on the lake.  It was beautiful and the ride really capped off the day.

Next year we will be meeting at Cedar Community on July 14th.

We hope to see you all there!

Mary Bubenzer


ps. as the year progresses please feel free to send us upates and information, we would be happy to share them with the whole group.