Thursday, April 28, 2011

86th reunion minutes

Sorry that it's been such a long time! Here are the 2010 minutes. I will post information about this year's reunion soon.

Harry Wright, KC and Frank Laycock, Frank A. Laycock, Mary Nathan and Sam Bubenzer, Lowell Wright, Russ Kickbush, Matt Kickbush, Colleen G. Curtis, Jim Cosgrove, Tom Cosgrove, Nancy and Woody Wright, Alexa Austin and Dylan Wright, John Taylor and Kaia Stofflet, Judy Stubbe, Phil Atwood, Roxanne Otto, Dave Atwood, Judy Bishop, Rex Joanne Lisa Dachenbach, Bonnie Anderson, Rita Stofflet, Ryan Anderson, Alberta Kickbush, Peggy Cosgrove, Tabatha Feerick, Jo Tom and Justice Gross

Minutes from 86th Wright Family Reunion, Sunday July 11, 2010

Longest travelled: David Atwood from Albany New York

Wisest Member: Alberta Kickbush 92,

Youngest: Austin and Dylan Wright at 13.

Farthest: David Atwood, Albany NY

Closest: Alberta Kickbush, Cedar Community

We did not have any reports of anyone in the clan who passed away this past year.

Letter from Jim and Jeanette Wright.

Letter from Gloria Austin and Wes Karow.

Bud Harry Moertl sent note.

Treasurer's report: Mary Bubenzer:

post reunion balance from last year $307.88

This year had expenses of $98 for flyers and postage.

Additional expenses $83.70

pre-2010 reunion balance is $126.18

$2 contribution or whatever you can give.

2010 money collected: $125.00

2010 post $251.30

John Stofflet and Mary Bubenzer will serve for one more year as President and Secretary-Treasurer. Unanimous.

It was agreed to meet next year at Big Cedar Lake again; the 87th Wright Family Reunion, July 10, 2011

Family Sharing:

Harry Wright

Lowell Wright

Peggy Cosgrove

Russ Kickbush

Matt Kickbush

Woody Wright

Rex Dachenbach

Judy Bishop

Frank A. Laycock

Frank E. Laycock

Judy Stubbe

Joanne Atwood

Phil Atwood

Mary Bubenzer

Rita Stofflet

John Stofflet

Tabby Feerick

Next Reunion: Cedar Community: July 10th 2011

1 fish was caught