Monday, May 21, 2012

Snapshot: Jessie Wright

Unfortunately we don't have much information on Jessie Wright.  What we have we found mainly on using census records, and using the Wisconsin State Historical Society to find the marriage details. On their site ( )they have a whole section on genealogy, including an index of pre-1907 birth, death, and marriage records for the state of Wisconsin.

Jessie Wright was born in Medina County, Ohio in 1857.
She married Edmund Newton , a veterinarian surgeon, on September 9th 1884 in Columbia County Wisconsin.  They lived in Waupun in Fond Du Lac County Wisconsin. 
Jessie and Edmund had three children, Leslie Louis born 1886, Harry W. born 1888, and Marjorie born 1897.
Jessie died in 1929, two years after Edmund.

Next week: May Wright! Send us any stories or information you may have about May or any of the 12 children.

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