Monday, June 11, 2012

Snapshot: Leslie Allyn Wright

Born in 1863, Leslie Allyn Wright was the last Wright child born in Ohio.  He moved to Wisconsin with his family, and he never strayed far from home. 

Leslie married Caroline Rhodes January 10, 1893.  They lived in Columbus, where he had a veterinary practice, following the Wright preferred profession!  Caroline and Leslie had two children,  Allyn Lee born in 1894, and Elizabeth, born in 1906. 

Leslie died in 1930, and Caroline moved to Minnesota to live with her son Allyn, a banker, and his family.  She died in 1958 at the ripe age of 86, outliving both of her children.

Just two Wright kiddos left!  Next week we will visit Albert Wright (from whom I am descended).  Send any info!

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