Saturday, April 28, 2012

Snapshot: Elizabeth (aka Eliza or Lizzie) Wright Bleecker

Elizabeth, who was Leslie and Mary Ann’s third child was born in Scotland in 1852.  She came to America with the family in 1854 and eventually settled in Elba, Wisconsin. 

On 23 November  1877, Elizabeth married John R. Bleecker in Dodge County.  John had a Canadian father and his mother was from New Hampshire.   Elizabeth and George had five children; Mary Eliza (1880-1946), William L. (1881-1938), Dean E. (1884-1941), Lulu(1889-1966), and George (1890-1949).  In 1895 the family was living in Waterloo Wisconsin.  In 1900 they lived in Portland Township Wisconsin, and in 1910 they lived in Concord Minnesota. By 1917 they were back in Wisconsin; they really moved around!  In 1920 John and Lulu were back in Waterloo.  Lulu was 30 at this time. None of the other kids are there, perhaps they stayed in Minnesota.

Elizabeth died in 1917, and is buried in Waterloo City Cemetery.

In 1922 John married his second wife, Clara, and they moved out to California.  John died in California in 1937.  He has a marker at Waterloo City Cemetery.

One interesting mystery we found; in 1895 Mary Eliza was with the family, in 1900 she was not with them, and then in 1905 in Minnesota she was back with the family.  Where was Mary from 1900 to sometime before 1905?

Stay tuned!  Next week belongs to George L. Wright.  If any descendants of George are out there and have information about him we would love to have it. Also, if you have any information on any of the folks we already did a snapshot of, feel free to send it to us!

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