Saturday, April 14, 2012

Snapshots Introduction

In our final days as your secretary and secretary's genealogist (my husband
Nathan) we have decided to do a little genealogy project for your enjoyment and
edification. Each week we will take one of the twelve and write a little
"snapshot" of each, with basic genealogical research, and, we hope, input from
you. It will be posted to our blog, .
Our first week is dedicated to Leslie and Mary Ann, the mother and father of the
twelve, and Jeannie (AKA Jane) (who died young) and Charles Wright, who had no
living descendants. If you have more information about these folks PLEASE write
them in as comments on the blog or send them to If
you send info about any of Leslie and Mary Ann's 12 children, please send it to
us before we post the "snapshot" then we can incorporate the information which
will be so much fun. So please send us stories or information about your "12"
family member! Except for Jeannie and Charles we will go in chronological
order, so the second snapshot will be Mary Wright Bleecker, then Eliza Wright Bleecker, followed by George L. Wright, William Wright, Jessie Wright Newton, May Wright Bleecker, Alexander H. Wright, Leslie Allyn Wright, Albert L. Wright, Abbie Wright Austin.

Have fun and enjoy, and we will see you in July!


Mary Bubenzer


Nathan Bubenzer
Secretary's genealogist

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