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Snapshot: Mary Wright Bleecker Randall

Snapshot: Mary A. Wright Bleecker Randall

Mary A. Wright was born in Scotland in 1849, the oldest child of Leslie and Mary Ann Wright. She travelled with them across the Atlantic to settle in Ohio, then moved with them to Wisconsin.

Mary Wright married her first husband, Henry Bleecker in Columbia County Wisconsin. We don’t know when Henry was born, but he died in the year 1874, the same year that their daughter, Nellie, was born. We assume that Mary and Nellie lived with her folks until 1880 when she married Eugene A. Randall.

Eugene was born 1851 in Dodge C. Wisconsin. He enlisted in the US Army and was stationed
during the 1870’s at Fort Sanders, Albany, Wyoming Territory, 4th Infantry Company C. He married Mary sometime shortly before the 1880 census. Mary is on the 1880 census as Mary Randall, living with Leslie and Mary Ann, along with Nellie. We think maybe Eugene was out sussing out a place to live during that year, and they settled in Hetland Township, Kingsbury County, South Dakota. Mary and Eugene had six kids, George, Jessie, L. Maud, Mary, Amos, and Lizzie.

Mary died in 1933 in Hetland Township, Kingsbury County, South Dakota. She is buried in Hetland Cemetery.

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